1. Evaluate Your Skin Type: It is normal for your skin to change with the seasons so it is important that you take a look at the products you are using. Skin tends to be more oily in the humid summer months and drier during the cold fall/winter months. Look into using a milk-based cleanser […]


As summer is coming to an end, and we take a preview of what is to come for this fall. Here are the 2015 must haves to keep up with the trends! Smudgy Eyes : The nineties are back in full swing; top knots, chokers, brown and black lipsticks, and my personal favourite – kohl […]

Anyone Up for A Pedicure?

Greetings from the Nail and Spa Department at Seven Salon! Are you in need of a pedicure or manicure?  If the answer is yes then we are the gals for you!  Here at Seven Salon we pride ourselves in giving not only a great service but a nice, clean environment to relax in.  We take […]

Clippers and Cocktails?

Clippers and cocktails. Shoe shines and razors. Words like these seem to be thrown together a lot these days when people are discussing men’s  haircuts. Men’s grooming has never been more talked about than right now. “Old school” barbering and styling has been seen on TV shows and in fashion magazines everywhere you look. So […]

Beauty for Black History Month

Iman, photographed in 1977 by Francesco Scavullo   Hey sistas! I have a dream that our natural hair can and will be smooth!! I know from experience relaxers can be nice for managing but also very damaging to our hair. There are other ways to produce this look without hurting your hair. For instance Keratin […]

Filthy Makeup Brushes?

When is the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Hopefully it doesn’t take you longer than a few seconds to answer that…In a perfect world, you would be doing some degree of cleaning after every use.  If you ever lacked motivation, there are plenty of microscopic reasons for you to snap into a better routine. […]

To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo

Shampooing hair is often a daunting and inevitable task in the life of any human being.  At times you may find yourself wondering how long you can get ‘away’ with not shampooing your hair. Frequently we will have customers in our salon that ask what is normal and how long is ‘ok’ to go without […]

Top 7 Summer Essentials From Seven Salon

Are you wondering what Seven Salon professionals are raving about for this summer? Check out these MUST HAVES or summer chosen by our team and what they have to say about them!! Tigi Hair Reborn Smoothing Texture Refine Masque Seven Salon professional Shelby says, “After several applications of a dark brown base colour, I made […]

Late Winter/Early Spring 2014 Trend Update From Stylist Arielle

Hello again, friends! With New York Fashion Week in full swing, there is no better time for some 2014 trends forecasting! With the winter months DRAGGING on, I am definitely ready for some spring hair and makeup. There is one word that you all need to embrace for 2014: androgyny. Androgyny is defined as ‘showing […]


is PROUD to announce the addition of Licensed Massage Therapist BRANDON LYONS to its team of salon professionals. After losing his vision to a high school football concussion when he was a Senior, Brandon Lyons decided to step into an industry that was practiced by blind Chinese Men 3000 years ago…massage therapy. Kaplan University was his […]