When is the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Hopefully it doesn’t take you longer than a few seconds to answer that…In a perfect world, you would be doing some degree of cleaning after every use.  If you ever lacked motivation, there are plenty of microscopic reasons for you to snap into a better routine. Every time your makeup brush touches your face, oil and dead skin cells are transferred onto the bristles. The longer a brush goes uncleaned, the more bacteria grows.
Use a dab of your favorite shampoo to keep your brushes clean and well maintained. (Alcohol based cleaners kill bacteria, but they kill your bristles too!) Hold onto the piece that connects the handle to the bristles when squeezing out water and soap to avoid ending up with ‘fun-size’ brushes. Keeping bristles pointed down will also help avoid detachment.
To all you dirty girls: it’s time to clean your act up! If your brushes smell bad, are discolored or disfigured then they are overdue for a wash.
Detox your mind, your body and your makeup brushes!
A Beautiful Smile is Always in Style,
Blake Rave

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