Many parents have questions about when their child receives a salon service.  Julianna, a veteran stylist at Seven Salon, answers some of these questions for us in this blog!

1.  What are the most important things a parent should know before bringing their child in for a service at Seven Salon?
The most important thing a person should know before bringing a child in for a hair service, is in all honesty, Is that child comfortable with a stranger performing the service. Going to anyone for the first time is extremely intimidating. Imagine being a child. I would just teach them that this person is okay and that there isn’t a fear with them.

2. How old should a child be for their first haircut?
I don’t think there is an age limit. Personally, I think the earlier the better. It allows the child to become more comfortable in a salon setting/environment. They will be easier to adjust to different haircuts if you start with more simple services at a young age. I have cut my neices/nephews hair at only a few months old, and they love getting their hair cut!

3.  What are some styling tips you have for little boys and little girls?
I always say Gel/pomade for little boys. allowing them to learn and style their own hair in crucial to their individual style. For little girls, I would say getting them to brush/comb their hair at a young age will teach them personal hygiene as they grow. This goes for boys too. It’s super important to keep the hair free of tangles.

  1. Do you find key words or things that are helpful to the comfort of the child during a haircut?
    I find that just relating to them is most important. Finding a subject that lights them up helps the service go smoothly. They sit still better. I also find that explaining everything to them as I am doing it eases their nerves. They calm down, they understand.
  2. Can a parent ask the stylist for a personal lesson on how to style their child’s hair during the service?
    ABSOLUTELY! We love to teach and help any parent learn how to style and this is smiled upon. Do not be afraid to ask your stylist how to do something. We have the knowledge to teach you.
  3. What are the best things about child’s hair services?
    The best thing about about children’s services, is the smile at the end when they love it. They beam and giggle. So you know you did a great job! Oh and of course the lollipop at the end!

    Interested in booking a service for your kiddo?  Kid’s cuts start at $12 for 12 and under! Call 402-934-2177 to schedule!

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