If you have to deal with frizzy hair or hair that you wish was smoother or straighter, a keratin smoothing treatment or thermal straightening service may be just right for you!

The stylists at Seven Salon can get you that sleek look that you desire!  One of these Seven Salon stylists, Jenna, answers some of the questions frequently asked about the process.

1.  What are the reasons someone would want to do a thermal straightening service instead of a keratin smoothing treatment?
Jenna mentions, “Thermal treatments completely straighten the hair and cannot be done on hair that is color treated in most but not all cases! Thermal straightening and keratins are similar in the fact that it smooths the hair strand of frizz but only a keratin treatment replaces the protein of the hair. Basically if you are trying to decide between the 2 you first have to determine if your hair is too ‘compromised’. Then you ask yourself if you want your hair to have any natural texture left after the smoothing service. If you want your hair completely straight a thermal is the way to go! If you want your natural texture left but frizz free or if your hair feels somewhat compromised a Keratin would be better!”

2.  Who is a prime candidate for each smoothing service?
Jenna states, “A prime candidate would be anyone who wants more shine and smoothness. They both seal down the hair strand and add more control to your everyday styling at home. Both cut dry time in half! Expect an immediate difference! They are treatments that make styling so much faster.”

3.  What is the maintenance required for each of these services?
Jenna recommends, “Maintenance for these are very similar. For a Thermal you want around 2 inches of outgrowth (of the previous therma), because you cannot overlap this product. So about every 3 to 4 months (to get the service redone) and I have clients that get them done 2 times a year as well. Keratin treatments can be pulled all the way down to your ends every time you get one done, as they are ‘buildable’. Meaning the more you do them the longer they last. Whether it’s a full or an express my clients usually get them 2 to 3 times a year, but it truly depends on the hair type.”

4.  Anyone who is not a candidate for this service?
Jenna states, “Honestly if you are not a candidate for one you are probably a candidate for the other! The main difference is that a thermal makes your hair completely straight as it is a stronger chemical and if your hair is not healthy enough for it, a keratin would be the next best thing!”

5.  What should one remember after receiving the service?
Jenna encourages, “The main change after getting one of these treatments is your shampoo and how often you are doing so.  We recommend sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo! I would recommend washing no more than 2 times a week. Doing more often than that can tend to dry your hair and cause frizz because the oils are stripped from shampooing too and the oils often are great for your hair!”  
Interested in one of these smoothing services?  Be sure to call (402)934-2177 and secure a consultation appointment to decide which will be best for you!
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