Are you wondering what Seven Salon professionals are raving about for this summer? Check out these MUST HAVES or summer chosen by our team and what they have to say about them!!

Tigi Hair Reborn Smoothing Texture Refine Masque
Seven Salon professional Shelby says, “After several applications of a dark brown base colour, I made the decision to lighten my hair and go blonde. My smooth, silky hair transformed into a frizzy, un-stylable mess. I used the Hair Reborn Smoothing Texture Refine Masque twice a week at home, and two weeks later my hair was once again smooth and lustrous. I now use this product once a week to maintain the quality of my hair. Definitely a ‘must-have’ for our humid Nebraska Summers!”

Tigi Hair Reborn Restorative Illuminoil:
Seven Salon professionals Ashley M. and Autumn says, “This product is from TIGI’s Hair Reborn- a luxury line known for its Hyper-Distillation technology which breaks the ingredients down to their purest form. It is from the Style Treats collection and is one of our favorites! A key ingredient in this product is the Babassu oil which is extracted from the Babassu Palm found in the Amazon. We love this product for its versatility. It helps fill in moisture to any dry or damaged areas while it smoothes the hair and adds impeccable shine. This product can be used on wet or dry hair. It can also be cocktailed with other products such as Hair Reborn’s Resurfacing Lusterizer.”

TIGI Lip Créme in Miami
Seven Salon professional and Tigi Cosmetic Artist Blake says, ‘Tigi Lip Crème in Miami is the perfect summer lip shade with it’s rusty coral hue. Jojoba, cottonseed and mineral oil blend together perfectly to deliver rich results with maximum shine and kiss of colour!”

Grande Lash MD Eyelash Formula
Seven Salon professional Julianna says, “Grande lash MD eyelash formula is a special serum that you brush along your top lash line. The serum works to help strengthen and lengthen your lashes. I use nightly to give my eyes longer and fuller lashes. After two weeks the results were astonishing. It’s simple and easy to use. I follow with the Grande mascara to add extra oomph to my lashes. I love this product and by the fourth of July you will have enviable lashes!!”

Only YourX Solar Care Oil Free Sunscreen
Seven Salon professional Erica says, “For those of you who struggle with oily skin, the last thing you want is a heavy sunscreen. Only Your Solar Care Oil Free sunscreen gives you the coverage that you desire from UVA and UVB rays but leaves your skin shine free. A light lotion with a matte finish.” You can discover more here about solar panel installers and much more!

Tigi Oh Beehive Matte Dry Shampoo
Seven Salon professional and Tigi Cutting Educator Arielle says, “Oh beehive is scientifically proven and formulated to penetrate dirt and absorb oil better than any other dry shampoo on the market. Its UV filter helps protect your hair from the sun, and the texture it gives is unreal! Straight, curly or au natural– this product gives something unique to every hair texture.”

Tigi Catwalk’s Salt Spray:
Seven Salon co-owner Shannon Stickman loves this product for summer. “When I went to Mexico it was so easy to grab, spray in and create that beachy feel to my natural texture. The volume it gives and the easy-going texture that it creates makes this one of our picks for summer must-haves.”

Tigi Hair Reborn Smoothing Texture Refine Masque
Tigi Hair Reborn Restorative Oil
Tigi Lip Crème in Miami
Grande Lash MD Eyelash Formula
Only YourX Solar Care Oil Free Sunscreen
Tigi Oh Beehive Matte dry Shampoo
Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray

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