Hello again, friends! With New York Fashion Week in full swing, there is no better time for some 2014 trends forecasting! With the winter months DRAGGING on, I am definitely ready for some spring hair and makeup.
There is one word that you all need to embrace for 2014: androgyny. Androgyny is defined as ‘showing characteristics of either sex’. Females have already been embracing this trend in casual fashion with pieces like boyfriend jeans and relaxed blazers, so it’s not as scary as it sounds. In the hair world, androgyny simply means that the style can be altered to be worn by either gender.


Personally, I am loving the direction that hair styling is headed. Two words: low maintenance. Gone are the perfectly primped styles from the past while imperfect texture is being embraced. The wavy/curly haired individual can simply let their hair air dry with Tigi Session Series Salt Spray to achieve this look. They don’t need to worry about perfect curls or frizz, since imperfections only add a lived-in feel. They can even go a few days without washing! Straight haired ladies will have to work a little harder to achieve this look (and by this, I mean spending ten minutes total in front of the mirror rather than five). A flat iron or crimping iron can be used to achieve a crimped look but don’t panic, this isn’t like crimping from twenty years ago. This crimping is purely to add texture, and it can be altered with a sugar spray. Tigi Candy Fixations Sugar Spray will hold better than a salt spray. A cleaner version of this style is a soft “mermaid” wave, which can be achieved using a wand and only curling the mid-strand (or middle area) of the hair.
For a more glamorous event, it is all about the hair accessories. A sleek low ponytail can be enhanced with a gold metal chain. Braids are still trending worldwide, and small floral wreaths or accents are the perfect addition.


For those of you who want a change but do not want to cut length, have no fear! The fringe is back to help you through your indecisive woes. Fringes and bangs of all shapes and sizes are waiting to elevate your look. My personal favorite is a micro swooped fringe (think Audrey Hepburn) showcased by Actress Lizzy Caplan. Other ways to have a fringe include a mod micro-fringe or long and parted fringe.
The shapes from last year are evolving in two ways: shorter and edgier or softer and grown out. The long bob of summer is extended by a few inches and enhanced with soft, long layers (recently debuted by Jessica Alba and Kylie Jenner). Not wanting to grow? Micro-bobs, pageboy bobs, and short classic bobs are all in. Either piecey layers or a short fringe add to this edgy look. For those of you who don’t think you can change a pixie cut, you are wrong! Following the evolution of the long bob, pixie cuts are either short and cropped (think Charlize Theron), or soft and grown out.
For those of you who want to look further past the trends and into forecasting, watch for an evolved modern version of the shag with an androgynous vibe.


Make no mistakes; when it comes to colour this year, go bold! Platinum blonde has been dubbed the ‘it’ colour of 2014. If you want a bold change but don’t want to go quite that far, bright coppery reds or dark rich brunettes are closely following in platinum blonde’s footsteps.
By now we have discovered that old trends are evolving into new and better ones, so let’s welcome the buzz word ‘ombre’ to the group of new and improved. Here are two ombre buzzwords to add to your vocabulary: ‘sombre’ and ‘balayage’. Sombre is a softer version of ombre, with a “barely there” transition from dark to light. Balayage is a word that those of us at Seven Salon have known for almost a decade, and we’ve been reinspired by the word over the last eighteen months. Balayage is a form of highlighting without foils; think highlights transcended into art. Your trained professional at Seven Salon can artfully execute a custom look by literally painting highlights onto the hair. A traditional foil or an ombre custom colour can be enhanced beautifully with balayage.


Makeup trends encompass every area of the face (be sure to not over-complicate your canvas by combining too many of them). “Metallic grunge” is the evolved wing tip/smokey eye combo. Bold dark eye shadows and liners with metallic shadows can be used to create an edgy, “street” look. For the mod artist, retro eye shadow is the way to go, especially blue. Red lipstick is still on our deserted island takeaway list; however, we are swapping out the tone. The bright red, glam lip of last year is now a dark plum or a bright berry. It can be worn matte or brightened by a fun gloss. Orange lips will be the ‘thing of the spring’—our personal favorite is the Tigi Cosmetics lip crème in shades Maui and Miami. If you are quite brave enough to try orange, go for coral.
If you are craving a more natural style, have no fear! Minimal makeup can make just as much of a statement. Aim for a dewy, glowing complexion (Tigi Cosmetic’s tinted moisturizer will do the job perfectly). A coat or two of mascara, full brows, and some lip balm will polish off the look nicely.
Now that you are fully educated, come on in to the salon and play! We are all so excited to evolve your old look into something new and fresh in every category!
See you soon!

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